Antique Bentwood Lidded Pantry Box with Bail Handle

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This is a beautiful large pantry box, maple I believe, with its original dry, finish and a great golden blond patina. It features a bail handle with wooden grip (which stands up on its own) and a double band around the top of the box, such that the lid sits very nicely. Plus all those gorgeous old nails! I believe this box dates to the late 19th century.

Two original nails attaching one end of the handle to the box have been replaced with screws, as documented. Otherwise, all but one of the original nails on the body of the box are in place. On the lid, a few small nails on the top perimeter are missing, such that one side of the lid is not quite flush to the top lip. There are a couple of very fine cracks in the wood of the lid just on the surface, and overall a fair amount of surface wear to the wood, again as documented, and which contribute, I think, to its wonderful antique primitive character!

8 1/8" in diameter, 5 1/4" tall. The wood is about 1/8" thick.