Aerial Perspective Drawing of Skyscrapers by Phyllis Myrick, 1964

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It seems quite likely this 1964 graphite drawing signed by a Phyllis Myrick was a school exercise, but I think its a pretty good one, with real dizzying effect! Indeed, I might be as inclined to lay it on a tabletop with a piece of glass over it as to hang it on the wall, with the illusionsm of the aerial perspective making one rather want to walk all the way around it! 

9" x 15". Graphite on natural colored construction-type paper. Signed and dated on reverse. Good condition with really no smudging at all. The paper is a bit brittle and there are a few small tears along the edges: one very tiny torn bit toward the bottom on the left edge and two clean tears that I didn't even notice at first as they pretty disappear when flat--one along bottom edge left, the other top edge, left of center . I've documented them from both front and back of the paper. Shipped flat.