19th Century Book Page with Drawings and Handwritten Text

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Hard to decide which side of this I like better, so the first photo here shows both sides. I believe this was likely a front matter page of a much studied book, perhaps even a small bible (among the hand-written text: "the Bible is the best of books," and then underneath that: "no it ain't"!!) Also written are a series of names, making one assume the book was passed along from one person/sibling to another: Sophia, Miriam, and Prudence Gallup, and then also JJ Booth, John Weed, and it looks like Dewey Gallup, too. Windsor County, Vermont is noted, and "...world is a wilderness...this world is not my home." And then this wonderful drawing in ink and pencil of large house and leafy tree, with what looks rather like a pencil sketch of someone climbing up the right side of the house!

6 3/8" x 3 3/8". Plenty of age toning/spotting, rolled corners, uneven bottom edge and and a little tearing along left edge--but still very readable and really pretty wonderful I think.