1833 Miniature Book, "Daily Food for Christians", Perkins & Marvin, Boston

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I plucked this one off a shelf at my favorite rare book shop in Maine (where I make semi-regular pilgrimages) due to its tiny size and clear old age; to my sensibilities it's just a marvelous little object. And surely the diminutive scale was so that it could be easily carried around in one's pocket and frequently consulted, delivering a Bible verse for each day of the year. I'd guess it was the Annie Briggs who wrote her name on the first inside page who also added a few  extra inspirations of her own--pasting in an engraving of Christ Feeding the Multitudes on the inside of the cover, and two different verses on the inside of the back. And in the center of the book still remain a purple ribbon bookmark. Pretty inspirational to me!

3 1/8” x 2 3/8” x 5/8” and in fairly good condition considering it is nearly 200 years old. Wear to the exterior and spine, as evident, but the binding is still holding together and the inside pages are in good shape..