Old Yellow Splatterware Scalloped Edge Bowls / Baking Dishes - A Pair

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I'm not quite sure if these are French or Italian, but I'd think one or the other, and I must say it makes me pretty happy just to look at them. They've definitely been around and show a few small chips here and then, but what a pair to cheer up the kitchen and the table. I'd think they've seen more than a few pies or quiche or maybe pot pies, which I think are the sorts of things they were made for, but they'd also be great for serving whatever, or just on the counter holding onions, garlic, or halloween candy!  

It seems there is often a conflation of spatterware, made by sponging, and splatter ware, which these definitely are--and I have to think making the latter was much more fun! Each measures 7 7/8" in diameter and 2 1/2" tall. Overall good condition, with some small chips and a few minor hairline cracks but structurally very sound and still super looking. Sold as a pair. (There is a set of smaller serving bowls from the same set listed separately.)