Bennington Potters Vintage Matte Green Shallow Bowl / Pie Pan

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I'm a green fan of Bennington Potters and also anything with a matte green glaze, so how to resist a low bowl with nice lines that is both? I believe this form is that of a pie pan, though I would be tempted to keep it on the counter most of the time filled with lemons or mandarin oranges or something else pretty. But I would definitely empty it to bake a beautiful quiche or apple pie and feel quite proud serving it!

9 3/16 in diameter x 1 5/8" tall. Very good condition, with light crazing to the glaze on the interior and a bit of undulation to the lip, both of which I personally like. Impressed mark on the underside; I am uncertain of the date (number on the bottom refers to the form, not the date.) 

*photo at end of it in combo with large, deep Bennington bowl, and also with a just-in matte green arts and crafts vase, both listed separately.