Lovely Young Woman Holding Book, Hand-tinted Ambrotype by J.T Williams, York PA, 1850s

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A strong, crisp 1850s ambrotype by J.Thomas Williams (as printed on the red velvet of the case), who moved to York, PA from Baltimore and established a leading studio there in the early 1850s until moving again in 1857. I just love her, looking earnest and honest and hopeful, with hand-tinted pink cheeks and holding a book or case in her hand, it appears with flowers painted across the front.   

Sixth plate; 3 5/8" x 3 1/8" cased. Both sides of case present, but separated; they will hold together when latched. Good condition, with a faint craquelure pattern visible over her dress, which makes it look as if it was sewn together like a quilt!