Slightly Mixed Set of c. 1870s Hill's Alphabet and Animal Blocks (15)

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I can never resist a beautiful old alphabet block, or 15 of them, these perhaps the most iconic of them all, made by the S.L. Hill Company, 2nd half 19th century. Seems this is a mixed set, with three showing a bit lighter red (I think these are the earliest ones), and I believe a complete large set would have contained 20 blocks in a slide top box (though I've also seen sets of 12). Two sides show red with black letters, two sides white with black or dark blue letters or numbers, and two sides with animals and other images - drum, soldier, etc. Between the various sides, a complete alphabet, or nearly so, is represented. Classic and mighty pleasing to the eye.

Each block measures 1 3/4" squared. Good antique condition, with general wear but no major dings, cracks etc.