HOLD for LCM - Yves Robitaille Carved and Painted Canadian Folk Art Green Bird

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I found and quickly sold three birds by Yves Robitaille several months ago, and was happy to go back to the same spot and find one more just now! Robitaille (b. 1939), is a widely collected Canadian folk art sculptor and woodcarver who, though occasionally carving other animals, is known as a bird carver: shorebirds, song birds, hummingbirds, and most every other kind of bird found on at or near l’Ile-d’Orleans, near Quebec City, where I believe he still lives and displays his carvings in a gallery at his house. 

This one I love for the silhouette , rough surface, and great color combo of what I might describe as olive and a cross between lime and sea foam green, with blue and red targets for eyes.  Signed on one side near the top of the tail features. Good condition, with one rough spot at the tip of the tail. 6 3/8" l x 2 1/2" t  x 3/4" thick.