Young Man with Many Animals, Curious Old Real Photo Postcard

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I would really love to know everything about the young man in this photo, who appears to have a rat perched atop his hat, a bird on his shoulder, a dog in one hand--and what? a log??? in the other! An animal whisperer one has to think! And perhaps it was termites infesting the log, or fleas infesting the dog, that left what appears to be a trail of almost microscopic little bites across the surface of the photo, which I can't feel at all on the surface, so which almost seem as if embedded in the photo. A curious one for sure, which also makes one imagine whether the masking of the image conceals even more creatures gathered around his feet!

5 1/2" x 3 1/2". Smattering of tiny bite marks or something across the surface, visible with close inspection but not lending roughness to the surface.