You Gotta Stop Kicking My Dog Around Ink and Watercolor Drawing / Postcard

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A little research reveals that "You Gotta Stop Kicking My Dog Around" was written in 1912 by Cy Perkins, with lyrics by Webb M. Oungst, and first recorded by Byron G. Harlan & American Quartet, with many recordings since, including by Gid Tanner & His Skillet Lickers in 1926 and Bob Dylan in 1967. The quite depressing lyrics tell the story of a man and his hound Jim, who follows him and his friends into town, and everywhere they go they go, the dog faces abuse from people in town. In the original version, the dog gets revenge, and in another the following verse is added, happily so I think: "He’s the best old dog you ever did see Wherever I go, he follows me His voice is sweet, his name is Jim He’d fight for me and I’d fight for him."

Anyway, I think knowing the lyrics to the song rather amplifies the (rather urgent) empathy one feels for this little doggy, sweating bullets with boot headed toward him.  I've wound up feeling like this little watercolor is actually a pretty potent image of power disparity, but in the eyes of this pup I see him getting ready to fight back!

3 1/2" x 5 3/8". Postcard sized and on card, but completely blank back.