Yellow House on River, Old Oil on Board Folk Art Painting

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Seems to me this is just the sort of house V.L. Davis (owner of the frog box I just listed) might have lived in, setting out from the house along the path that runs to the foreground and, one imagines, far beyond. Not a masterpiece but nicely atmospheric and rather transportive I think--and I really like how precisely, crisply painted that yellow house is, with both river and path painted as if leading straight to its front door!

14 3/4" x 11 1/4", oil on board, a bit brighter and more vibrant than overall photo portrays. Clearly once framed, as there is a little wear along top and bottom edges. Overall very good uncleaned condition, with just a plastic hanger taped to the back, which does work fine. Early 20th c. I believe.