Yellow Finch in Steeple, Wonderful Old Folk Art Carved Construction

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I purchased this one from a great dealer at Brimfield, right after the field opened, and felt very much as if it had be brought just for me. I am not entirely sure whether it it was once part of a larger construction, like the (large) cherry on top of a folk art church,  but whatever the case it's a perfect thing as it is now. I've been taking special note of the yellow finches at the feeder this summer--it seems impossible they should be so bright and beautiful, and it's a fleeting beauty, as that electric gold soon gives way to more subdued winter color. So, it's a bird of summer perched in the belfry of this steeple, feeling rather like a messenger of good news or good luck or just goodness. Wonderful, and with pretty phenomenal aging to the paint on the steeple too. 

10 3/4" t x 4 3/4" w (with bird) x 3 7/8" d. Very good, sound and stable condition, with wonderful aging to the paint as evident. The bird is connected by a wire, that runs through a hole in the base of the steeple.