Yarn Winder Niddy Noddy Whimsey in a Bottle

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Since finding one of these amazing old "yarn winder" whimsies in a bottle at Brimfield last summer, I've been on the lookout, and this is only the second one I've come across. (I quickly discovered they are quite the coveted objects.) And this is quite a nice one I think. The hand-carved stopper turns the winder inside, but is forever kept from pulling out by a carved wooden arm that extends across just below the neck of the bottle. The four-arm winder itself is connected to the stopper by a metal post, and wound with white and red thread. And the clear molded glass bottle itself seems to be quite an old one, with several imperfections and air bubbles suspended in the glass. Quite an amazing feat of dexterity and engineering!

5 1/2" tall x 2 1/16 in diameter. Very good condition. There is some dust in the bottom of the bottle, but I think photos make it look dirtier than it is; in person, it looks quite crisp and bright. Imperfections in the glass appear to be native to the bottle. The top of the stopper almost looks to be carved with a name or face or something, but I may be imagining it! There is a old string around the tied around the stopper which appears to serve no function but I have left as found.