Charming and Very Homemade Old Kaleidoscope with Brown Papered Exterior

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This homemade kaleidoscope is another thing found this week that makes me purely happy. I find kaleidoscopes magical things in general, but there is something much sweeter and fuller to the magic of a humble, homemade version; hard-won delight! And the brown paper covering this one, especially as it folds over to wrap the ends, is to me quite a beautiful thing. I wouldn't say the kaleidoscopic effects are the most spectacular I've ever seen, but it works! And the shards of blue and green glass producing the effects make one think of sea glass and summer. Charming.

4 3/4" l x 1 5/8" in diameter. Found in Maine. Overall good and working condition, sound and pretty sturdy, with plenty of stains and one small ding to what seems to be a cardboard exterior wrapped in brown paper--as detailed in last photo; minor.