Wrico Complete "Cinema Title" Lettering Set No. 20 in Original Dovetail Wooden Box

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I first grabbed this lovely wooden box for its great shape and dovetailed corners, but then was excited to discover a complete vintage lettering set inside! It was made by Wrico, the Wood Regan Instrument Co, NJ, which made a range of different lettering instruments and sets; this one was designed specifically for "enabling any amateur movie maker to make professional looking titles in less than half the time it would take an expert!" The set includes ink pen, copper straight edge/guide, letter stencils, triangle, paper, black ink, cleaning fluid, wooden toothbrush, and blotter paper, all of which pack up to fit perfectly inside, along with a complete set of instructions for using. I haven’t tried to load the pen with the ink to test it, but everything seems in excellent working order--a really terrific little kit inside a beautiful box!

The box measures 6 5/8 wide x 6 7/8 deep x 2 1/8" tall and is in very good vintage condition. The contents are in excellent condition. The box is missing front latches, which the four small holes on the lid and front of the box indicate it once had.