Wooden Parquetry Set in Slide Top Box

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Really a lovely little parquetry set, in a sweet little slide top box into which the tiles fit just perfectly, and look quite pretty all neatly packed up. I really have no sense of the age or origins of this set, and have not found another like it, but do think it has a fair amount of age, including because there are a couple of splits in the wood on the sliding lid of the box. In any event, the 53 tiles (I discarded one broken one) are a treat to handle and move around, and look great pretty much any way they are arranged! A nice thing to keep on the coffee or board room table, or a terrific design-y gift.

Box measures 3 1/16" l x 2 1/2" w x 1"t.  Tiles are 1" long on each side of the triangle. Tiles in excellent condition; the two splits on the lid of the box were very well repaired with glue at some point.