Carved Wooden Folk Art Mechanical Dirty Hitler

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This satirical little Hitler makes me a bit uncomfortable to post, but way too good not to!  Pull down on his legs, and out (up!) springs his out-sized phallus. I love that "Hitler" is written, largely, in pencil down both his front and back, just to make sure his identity is 100% understood, plus, there is a tiny tuft of hair glued to the top of his head. Quite a thing, which I assume dates to the 1940s.

Part of one of his feet has chipped off, so he is best propped against something, and there are a couple of hairline cracks in the wood; otherwise good condition.  The back panel of his box-like body slides off should any repairs be needed! 

6 3/8" tall x 1 3/4" wide and deep when "closed"; 9 7/8 tall and 2 7/8" deep when fully exposed!