Wonderfully Wonky Double Six Set of Handmade Bone Dominoes + Many Extras

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No way could I resist these, though I do already have one other complete set of antique bone dominoes in the shop. Sold in the lovely and rare 19th c. cigar box I found them in, included here is a complete double six set of 28, plus 15 extras I found in the same box. What I really love about these is their very clear handmade-ness, with the placement of the dots, and angle of their center lines anything but consistent or straight. And, among the extras, is a two made into a four and a four made into a six, and maybe a few other other adaptions too.(I have singled out the four wonkiest of these extras in one detail.) To my eye, both beautiful and completely, singularly charming.

Box measures 5 3/8" w x 3 1/4" d x 1 15/16" t. Tiles measure approx 1 3/8" l x 11/16" x 5/16". Overall good condition and absolutely great to play with.