Wonderfully Awkward Carved Seated Woman with Opening Legs

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What a face! And what a body too, with long black booted legs (which open and close) nailed directly to her the bust, and thus no butt to speak of. She was made to forever sit, and will perch perfectly on a block as pictured here, with legs partially opened for balance (balancing its a bit more precious when legs are tightly closed.) I have to think she was made as a companion to the black booted male figure I just listed, though she is somewhat more petite than him. She's lost her arms, though I've got them (as pictured) and will send them along; I am not totally sure how they might best be attached, and love her just as she is, but they're sweet little carved arms in any case. 

4 3/4" t measured on the square, x 1 7/16" w (at shoulders) x 3 1/2" d (on the square). Excepting missing arms, very good condition. Her legs open just as wide as pictured.