Wonderfully Folky 19th C. Hand-formed Twisted Amber Glass Chain

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I purchased this from a dealer in New Hampshire I buy from frequently, always interesting things, including lots of folk art. He described this twisted glass chain as 19th century, and I know he knows his glass, so while I don't really, I trust that is true. In any event, I fell in love with it for its folkiness, reminding me very much of a whimsy, and perhaps that's just what it is, a sort of end of day playing around, or perhaps a practice exercise. With black stripes running through the amber glass (I want to call it tiger glass!), twists upon twists and a great objecthood about it. Could be hung, could be set on a table, or, with some sort of clasp, it could be worn--it fits around my wrist perfectly.   

10 3/4" l x  x 1 1/2" w. Excellent condition.