Super Graphic Folk Art Building with Clock Tower on Platform with Alligator Paint

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This one feels to me like the best large building block ever extended into a great piece of tabletop architecture, with a platform to boot so one might arrange all sorts of other little things around as desire! (Plus of course I like that the clock perpetually reads 4:02 or so—corresponding to just a beat after I always post new listings, and so it could function as an ever-present reminder, ha!)  Wonderfully graphic with that hand-painted grid of black squares and rectangles against creamy white, perfectly alligatored now. 1920s or so I would guess and great from every side.

Overall: 8 7/8” t x 11 15/16” w x 6” d. Building itself: 8 7/8” t x 4 x 4 1/16. All in very good condition. There is some energetic crayoning to the underside of the platform.