Delightfully Awkward Oil on Masonite Painting of Sculptor in His Studio

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Drawn to its weirdness, I purchased this one from an online seller though I wasn't entirely sure about it-- but I was very glad when I unpacked it yesterday, finding it just exactly what I wanted it be! I love the ghostliness of the sculptures/statues that surround our ginger-haired sculptor, and how the awkwardness of his gesture--holding a tool in hand raised mid-air--matches the awkwardness of some of theirs! Paintings of artists at work in their studios is one of my favorite subjects to begin with--a genre unto itself--and this sculptor also feels akin in spirit to a toymaker in his workshop, with the toys coming to life at night! Wonderfully moody, nicely painterly, and fun! 

15 7/8" x 12". Oil on masonite. C. 1920s-30s I believe. It appears there may have been a monogram carved into the surface just to the left of the bottom edge of blue curtain but it's hard to discern. Overall very good condition, with one rough spot on that curtain, lower right.