Wonderful Small Stone Carved Kneeling Figure with Raised Arm

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Among my favorite little finds ever, this curious small stone carved figure, I think perhaps meant to represent an athlete of some sort but I'm not entirely sure. He appears to have a carved signature on the underside, which looks to read DWP and perhaps 95, which I have to think, if a year, would be 1895. I think his face is terrific, and for me his posture embodies a sense of readiness and forward-looking, with the right had about to push off from the ground, full speed ahead. Wonderfully done, and to my eye just wonderful.

3 7/16" l x 2 1/2" w x 2 1/4" t and in very good, presumed antique condition. There are a couple of small white spots on his back and one arm that are not chips. I believe the stone is granite.