Charming Relief Carved Wooden Plaque with Two Faces

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I really really love this, and like the idea of using it as a daily mood indicator, turning it to show the frowning face on moody days by way of warning, and the smiling one when feeling happy and receptive. Charmingly carved (possibly enhanced with pyrography?), and with what appear to be black glass beads for the eyes, plus a nice warm patina--I'd guess it's a hundred years old or so. There is a word or name burned into the wood at bottom right (with frowning face showing) but I can't make it out (looks maybe like Furrise?) 

5 1/16" t x 3 1/2" w x 9/16" thick. Excellent condition, with no chips or splits--really a super sweet thing! (There is a stray hair in a few of the photos, not a flaw!)