Early Crazy Quilt Fragment with Wonderful Embroidered Cat in Period Lemon Gold Frame

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Love at first sight with this charmer, much better and with more pop in hand than in photos. I think the embroidery on the kitty could be called stumpwork, with a fair amount of relief to it, done in wool I believe, to well capture a sense of furriness! Mustard and cream, brown and black, with a thinner white thread used for its fine whiskers and as an outline around the entirely body. With red thread representing a ball the cat is batting around. Set against a dark blue fabric ground with hand-stitching on three sides --a fragment  of what must have been a pretty fantastic crazy quilt! Well laid/stretched and in an old lemon gold frame, late-ish 19th c.I believe. 

7 5/8 x 5 7/8, professionally framed as found and in very good condition. In perso