Wonderful Painted Folk Art Carving of Woman in Brown Dress

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So many wonderful things in the world that people have felt compelled, for one reason or another, to create, and which arrive to us now like gifts from the past, feeling like old friends. This woman sure felt like to me that when I spotted her from a distance, calling loudly to be found! And how much I love her, with these great broad shoulders and black eyes, seeming sturdy and stoic despite her lost toes (and part of one arm) but also looking profoundly alone, as existential as a Giacometti, at least to me! Quite a great one I think.

7 1/2" t x 2 3/4" w x 4 5/8" d (base). As noted, she has lost her toes, one forearm, and has a little loss to the inside of her other arm, but her fingered hand is still there. Otherwise in good shape, sturdy on her base--mounted to lean back a little--and to my eye really beautifully aged.