Exquisite Antique Wood and Hide Inuit Doll, 14 Inches

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One of the most beautiful Inuit dolls I've ever seen--or dolls, period--and quite an old one, late 19th c. Greenland Inuit I think, and, I believe, what would be considered a "collector's doll" made by a skilled doll maker for sale. Such a wonderfully carved, sensitively detailed face, with head that will turn side to side; body sewn of seal skin and, it appears to me, stuffed with what looks to be white fur, I believe seal as well. Perhaps he once wore outer garments--fur parka and pants--but the stitching together of the soft hide pieces is so incredibly beautiful who would ever want to cover them up? Really an extraordinary piece.

13 3/4 t x 3 3/4” w and in very very good condition, with a few small holes in the hide as evident, but very sound and stable, not presenting issues at all.