Wonderful Old Stocking Doll with Button Eyes, Darned Nose, and Bandage-Like Cap

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Total love at first sight with this doll, which has only grown deeper since. What a face, animated with so many good details, including a darned patch at the nose and this scrap of woven red textile for the mouth, stitched on as if in a rush with a  few wild blue stitches. Much more carefully done is a linen head covering that makes me think of a bandage, with beautiful hand-stitched seams around the edges and down the back. To my eye so full of life and just really really good.

8 5/8” t and in overall good antique condition—there are a couple of holes in the knit on the arms but they are stable and sound, not leaking or pulling. Found with a blue fabric tie around the neck but I like it better without.