Wonderful Old Maine General Store Large Tin Match Safe with Fitted Wooden Lid

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This I found in mid coast Maine, and I know from the seller I purchased it from that it came out of an old general store not far from there. As is evident from the old hand-writing that runs around the rim of the lid, it served as a large (general store sized) match safe.  Really a beautiful thing, made of tin with this great wooden lid with simple, super sturdy handle for lifting it off, wonderfully worn from doing so time and time again. The lid itself is completely lined in tin as well, to fire proof the flammables inside. Great lines, gorgeous patina, thougtfully crafted, and teeming with a sense of history. And great now for storing all sorts of things, flammable and otherwise.

12 x 10 1/2 x 10 1/2 and in very good condition, sturdy and sound with a really rich patina from use. Lid closes tight and flush and comes off easily. Mid-late 19th c. I believe, with square iron nails joining the pieces of lid.