Wonderful Old Hand-embroidered Stuffed Silk Cat Baring Fangs!

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What a face, what a cat--channeling a tiger! It appears to have been sewn of silk organza, with lining beneath that, surely darkened some over time, all to the good I think. With a hand-embroidered face and details on the body, including curled tail on the back, in threads of various colors, all tight, as are the seams. The stuffing feels like more like grain than soft stuffing --no scent to it, maybe wheat? It is stuffed full, and the stuffing is fairly light weight, so this kitty is not saggy or slouchy!

6 7/8 t x 3 7/8 w x 1 3/8 d and in good condition, earlyish 20th c. I believe. A few spots where the silk has worn through but there's lining underneath. Stable, not leaking, and not fragile.