Rough But Colorful and Full of Possibilities Old Tramp Art Chest (with Bunny Ears)

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I'm not even sure what quite is missing from this old tramp chest--I guess another drawer and corresponding pieces on the side and top, plus I think likely a mirror, too. But I found it as is, put to work displaying other little things, which I think it does quite nicely, and the pattern and color of the stacked bits on the sides was too good to resist. Plus, looks like bunny ears at top! Very wonky and wobbly but sits flush and really is good for turning into a stage for all sorts of things; one could even put a couple of potted little cactus in the the top drawer.

13 3/4 x 9 5/8 w x 7” d. Holding together but a little loose where back joins to sides;  easy to add a few small nails as needed.