Wonderful Native American Warrior Painting on Log Slice, 1938

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I love this so much, in some part because the painting was done on a slice of log, with bark still on the sides, but even more so because I think the painting itself is just terrific--very tender, wonderfully folky, and how both handsome and deeply empathetic this warrior appears! Best of all I think is how the fingers of the hand of his raised arm extend all the way to the edge of the wood as if gripping the rim (while also giving a what feels like a friendly wave), with his colorfully booted or sandaled feet doing the same at the bottom edge. Beautifully aged and just wonderful.

Approx.13" t X 10" w x 1" d and in very good condition, with a great patina. I believe oil paint on oak wood. There is one scratch to the surface on his left leg, which I don't think detracts. It appears to be signed along the right edge with what looks like Hymniak, and then on the back Wellesley Colg, 1938, which I am guessing indicates this was either painted at or previously owned by Wellesley College. There is an eye hook strung with a loop of twine on the back for hanging.