Fabulous Vintage Raku Pottery Face Vessel with Wagging Tongue Signed MB

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There's a lot of folk art vessels with faces, jugs and otherwise, that are a little too much for me, but this I really love this one, raku fired, yielding a really rich, deep emerald green, which shows some irridescent blue from one side, more than the other.  Playful with his tongue extended--and meaning that any liquid poured into the vessel would come spilling out the mouth!--but also with a sort of sophistication to it and an almost brutalist feeling. Very good, and not the sort to tire of.

 4 3/4" in diameter both ways x 5 1/4" tall; 3 3/4" across at lip. Substantial feeling. Very good condition. I'd guess 1970s-80s. Signed (incised) MB on underside.