Wonderful Little Old Carved Man in Suit

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It is hard to capture in photos, but this wonderful little carved man has a really nice patina, definitely fairly old.  He's all of 4 1/8 inches tall, but has a great presence, too. The details--nothing more than is needed but is exactly what is--lend him a buttoned up suit, tucked tie, and arms clasped behind his back, making me wonder if he isn't meant to represent a butler? His straight-lipped face enhances that sense, as if standing silently by, at the ready. And so he will forever stand. 

He doesn't stand quite sturdy on his own so just needs something to lean slightly against. There is one little hole (maybe a worm hole) low on his left pant leg. Otherwise, great aged condition, and really sweet. 4 1/8 x 13/16” wide and deep.