Wonderful Little Brass Foot Whatsit

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Honestly, I have no idea what this is, or what it would have been used for! I thought perhaps a stamp for a wax seal, except that there is nothing engraved on the flat end.  Perhaps it was a gift to a shoemaker, though I'm still not sure why it would have the handle on it? In any case, it's a pretty great object, nicely made, I might think by a jeweler, and heavy for its size. To me it has a bit of a Carl Auboch feel, and the brass is so bright and shiny there is a tiny part of me that thinks perhaps made of gold! Certainly it could be used now as a small paperweight or just an interesting object to have sitting around, and perhaps the perfect gift for shoe hound--or an avid walker!

2 1/2" long x 7/16" wide x 5/8" tall. Very good condition, with just minor wear and aging, as documented; really lovely.  I can't find a mark anywhere on it.