Wonderful Little Antique Watercolored Cutout Figures, House, and Fire!

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I'm such a sucker for little handmade paper dolls and assorted props made for play--pure embodiments of a lively imagination--and I just love envisioning the various dramas these little figures once acted out. I'd be pretty confident there were once many more of these figures and related bits, but these are what remain, found in Maine, enclosed in an old envelope. Just these six make quite a cast of characters though--a couple of them looking straight out of Shakespeare, a soldier, two who look like they might be thieves, and then a terrific old woman who I think must be the own of this very sweet house, with windows and door cut to open out. There is also a little bonfire emitting a trail of smoke, which I kind of like on the roof of the house in lieu of a chimney! 

House measures 3 1/8" t x 3 3/4". Figures measure from 1 3/4" to 2 1/4" tall. The figures are painted on both sides with great detail and made of a heavyweight stock such that they are quite stiff and sturdy.