Charming Vintage Dutch "Jan Stavast" Balancing Toy

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I've searched and searched but found no other like this one...definitely Dutch, mid-century or so I believe, and which seems likely was produced in a fairly limited edition. I've found there was a Dutch comic book series in which Jan Stavast was the hero, but whether or not the figure here references him I am not sure. The name of the game is to balance him in various positions in combination with the two other pieces included, with an accordian folded, double sided booklet detailing some 37 different possibilities illustrated through wonderful line drawings--none an easy task! (I succeeded in getting the pieces to balance in a few of the scenarios depicted, but failed at several others attempted--definitely one could invest many hours of focused effort in mastering all of these!)

The pieces are made of thick wood, painted black and silver, with stripes on the figure suggestive of a soccer (football) player, or an acrobat or ? The slide top of the wooden box slides easily and closes tight, and the booklet, box and pieces are all in very good shape. The instructions on the front of the booklet seem basically to say do this on a flat surface! There are a few illustrations including two figures--only possible obviously if one found another! I am not entirely sure the purpose of the green stick included, but certainly it could be included as another balancing element! 

Box measures 5 1/4" x 3 3/4" x 1 1/4." Figure alone when standing measures 3 5/8" tall Cutouts are 5/8" thick.