SOLD Wonderful Inuit Carved Stone Head with Mustache and Goatee, Dated 1967, Signed Elijah

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I really really love the face on this Inuit carving, which photos don't quite do it justice as it really unfolds in the round. The combination of the sculpturally carved, polished black stone of the head and more crudely scratched details for the eye brows, eye balls, mustache and goatee really does it for me, making it feel like a sculpture and drawing at once, with a great sense of immediacy. Not large, but substantial, with quite a striking presence. With a Canadian Eskimo Art sticker on the bottom attesting to the authenticity of the piece as Inuit, and it looks like with a signature and possibly a disk number underneath. There is also a sticker on the back dating the piece to what looks like 1967 and attributing it to an Elijah, followed by the letters DSD I believe.

3 3/8”” t x 3 1/8” w x 1 3/4” d and in very good condition.