Wonderful Hand-Carved Marble Drum Stool (?) with Variety of Flowers

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I really love this, but am not sure where it came from or exactly how it was intended to be used. The form, and the motifs circling top and bottom, suggest a Chinese marble "drum stool", traditionally used as as a resting spot in a Chinese garden, but this is about half the size of a stool one would sit on, and the carving of the flowers. especially, looks very much like folk art (and really very much like the school girl drawings of flowers I like so much) to me. So, perhaps Chinese inspired but a one of a kind thing, which as the person I purchased it from noted would make a fantastic garden stool for a frog--though I think I'd find a good spot for it inside:)

7 1/4" t x 4 3/4"  in diameter; 4" across at top and bottom. My photos do not do it justice, the stone is brighter and more radiant than photos convey. There is some wear and staining to the top and some scattered darkening around the body, again which looks darker in photos than in reality; no notable chips or cracks and the side with my favorite of the flowers is especially bright and crisp. Weighs almost 11 pounds.