Wonderful, Impressionistic Oil on Linen Rough and Rocky Seascape

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If I saw this painting in a museum, I would covet it; I think it is just fantastic, veering into the realm of pure, painterly abstraction, but at the same time perfectly capturing the power and vastness of rough sea. The unusual vertical orientation evinces a sense of strata, all with equal intensity, from the water crashing against rocks, to a glimpse of what I assume is sky (and a curious, intense sky at that) to layers upon layers of choppy sea in between. I can't imagine ever tiring of looking at this, and really think it is really good.

Found on the North Shore of MA, and I might guess painted on Cape Ann. Oil on linen, stretched over board, framed under glass. I have not taken this out of the frame but it appears to be in excellent condition, with no damage whatsoever that I can see.  Early 20th century I believe and unsigned as far as I can tell. Painting measures 12" x 10"; framed 18 1/4" x 16".