Wonderful Antique Engraved Snuff Box with Lawn Bowlers (Presumed British Trench)

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One of my very favorite recent finds! Made of brass and shaped like a book, I am thinking this is most likely a piece of British trench art, though quite an unusual one--I've certainly never seen a game of boules/lawn bowling depicted on a trench art piece, so would guess its maker must have been quite a serious player! The book form of the box, the hinge, and the manner of engraving makes me think trench art, and quite a fine example--seems perhaps earlier than WW1 to me but certainly a hundred years old at least.  I am completely taken with these four men in marvelously patterned caps and suits, balls scattered everywhere at their feet, and love everything about this, from their profiles and expressions to the detailing on the balls to the dense field of pin prick engraving for the ground. Plus an abstract pattern on the reverse side.I do believe my favorite snuff box I've ever found.

3” x 2 1/16” x 5/8 and in very good antique condition, closing tightly with a satisfying click.