Empathetic Early Straw Stuffed Stocking Panda with Button Eyes

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Such a charmer, how to resist? And one doesn't often come across a homemade stocking knit panda! Stuffed with straw, he was quite lovingly constructed, with carefully hand-stitched seams joining the black and (now) tan knit pieces, with what appears to be well worn velvet just for the upper tan portion of his head. I'd guess one button eye was replaced at some point to make for an unmatched pair now, but I'm not entirely sure which! One small patch on his back keeping his stuffing in, and looks like some extra stitches added to reinforce the neck, which is a bit floppy from the weight of it, but holding together fine. Old, and very endearing.

9 1/4 t x 6 5/8 w x 3 1/8” d. Patch on reverse, part of right facing ear loose (easily resecured) and some reinforcement around the neck at some point, as noted. Stable, but one wants to handle him with gentleness. Much more tender and endearing in person!