Early Graphite Folk Art Portrait, Framed

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I fell in love with this antique folk art graphite portrait immediately upon sight; wonderful androgynous face with great round chin, book (Bible I assume) held in lovely long fingers, and these great billowing sleeves. At first I thought perhaps a young priest, but then it looks to be a shawl draped around the shoulders, and while earrings were worn by certain men of a certain rank (or pirates!), particularly in Europe, I think this is more likely a young woman, and though I am not certain my guess is American based on the manner and the paper. (I am including an image of am early 1700s Dutch Colonial painting in photos, which to my eye at least feels somehow like a useful reference.) I am not entirely certain if this is a drawing made after an earlier painting, or a sketch in advance of a painting, or what,  but certainly it is old one, and 18th c. doesn't seem out of the question to me, though perhaps 1st half of the 19th is more likely. I find it a wonderful mix of warm and tender and humble and proud--and of course I read all sorts of things into that face (looks a bit as if she's holding a secret to me!) 

Framed, as found: 5 7/8” x 5 1/8” with a loop at top for hanging. Some toning to  to the paper around the drawing, all to the good I think. Shot through glass with some glare.