SOLD (hold for SW) Carved Whimsy Chain with Cages and Heads!

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Lots going on in this wonderful whimsy! Carved of walnut I think, it was clearly made by someone with a lot of skill, and confidence!--I can't even wrap my head around how one makes a ball in cage inside of another cage. I love the combination of the squat cage and the long one, with links connecting them, and then these two nicely detailed heads on either end, with terrific faces and ears, and very pronounced side parts! Really a special one.

11 1/2" l x 7/8" w x 3/4" d and in excellent condition with no splits, cracks or nicks whatsoever that I can see. I would guess 1st half of the 20th century but am not entirely certain of the age; I know that It came from a very old estate in South Carolina.