Wonderful Carved, Painted Antique Mechanical Birds - Sold Individually

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I think these are amazing. I've come across a few others (though none as lovely), but no one ever seems to know anything about them. I think most likely they were part of a cuckoo clock or something similar, where some sort of mechanics would periodically trigger their wings to raise and beaks to open --perhaps simultaneously producing a chirp chirp! 

I like these stuck in a small vase like flowers, or you could stick them in a small planter, to circle around a succulent, say. They are fairly delicate things but their wings still raise and their beaks open if you pull up on their tails. The brighter blue one sits on a short crossbar attached to its long steel post and "flies" pretty straight, while the paler blue one sits on a little wooden perch, at more of a slant. Both show some wear and paint loss, but are all the more lovely for it, and seem in generally good structural condition. 

Photos show first the brighter blue then the paler blue bird. Each is about 3 1/2" long x 5/8" tall and wide without posts. Posts measure about 6" tall. Please indicate at checkout which you would like, though I do think they are quite nice as a pair!