Wonderful Old Carved Man in Brown, with Hat

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I found this one in Massachusetts but I am not sure his history; to me, he looks like an expeditioner of some sort, perhaps heading out into the wild on safari. With pronounced carved ears sticking out on either side of his head, one has the sense that he is quite alert and attuned to his surroundings, though I read a bit of trepidation in his face and posture, especially those raised eyebrows! Anyway, pretty wonderful I think, with pinned arms that move, detailed fingers, and a great old surface.

5 1/4" t x 1 5/8" x 1 11/16" d. Very good condition, with no losses or issues that I can see. The pin on one arm is a bit tight, but it will move, and he is sturdily attached to his base which sits flush. Earlyish 20th century I would guess.