Wonderful Carved Antique Limberjack with Great Face and Boots

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A nice old one, with a great patina and wonderfully, individually carved boots still attached, custom made for tapping! Terrific carved face too, with triangular nose and a wide smile, which appears to have been enhanced with graphite, also to give him eyeballs. With hole running all the way through his chest, he was clearly once held up by a dowel, or perhaps a whole armature with platform, in order to make him dance. Now he can be positioned to kneel on his own, or to sit up if leaned lightly against something or given a pedestal, or could be hung by the hole in his back.

9" tall x 3" w x 1 1/4" d. Late-ish 19th c. I would guess. Excellent antique condition, no losses at all, terrific patina.