SOLD Girl Riding Giant Dog, Wonderful 19th C. American Folk Art Carving with Polychrome

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Another Rhinebeck find, purchased from a dealer friend from Maine, and which I just felt like I needed to keep company with for at least a brief time. I've handled at least a few late 19th c. naive drawings of young girls riding large dogs (a couple photos included) and--as someone who dreams of having a St. Bernard or Mastiff nearly as large as me--have a particular penchant for the subject! This is the first time I've seen an American folk art carving of it through, the manner of which suggests to me Pennsylvania, bringing the fantasy to life in three dimensions, very wonderfully so. (Photos don't give a good sense of size, but the carving is of a substantial, sculptural scale.) I love the focused concentration on the face of this young girl (riding a giant dog is no easy task, surely), and the dog's gold dotted collar, which she grips from either side, and of course the dog's pink wagging tongue, making him look as if working hard while patiently indulging her. Seems to me a metaphor for all sorts of things, as well as a reminder to respect and revere our loving and loyal animal companions.

10 1/2" t x 9 1/2" l (on the square) x 3 3/8 d at base. (Carved base measures 7 1/8").There is a loss to her leg and foot one one side and a little paint loss, more on that side, as documented.  Otherwise very good antique condition, with nice aging to the paint and a wonderful presence.