Wonderful c. 1920s Velox Snapshot of Clowns at Leisure at Water Circus

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I purchased this and one other I am listing at a flea market in Adamstown, PA, plucked from a larger lot all taken at a water circus, c. 1920s I believe. (I should have bought the whole lot for context, but most of them were much less interesting.) But what a gem this one! I'm not clown obsessed, but I am obsessed with these four, looking relaxed and playful and flirtatious, and making me think about the connections between clowning and drag. And then these two robust women in their swim costumes behind, cut off at their heads, enhancing the amateur snapshot quality of the photo and lending context, all while placing all focus back on the faces of these young men, who appear to be sitting at the edge of a pool/water-tank, with bleachers behind--the side show to the show, between shows. 

4 1/4" x 2 1/2". Very good condition. Stamed Velox on reverse, I believe dating it 1920s-40s.